What is 5 Paragraph Essay

Essays are an essential part of human literature. They enable people to discuss anything and everything, whether formally or informally. Students, in particular, have to churn out some essays if they want to succeed in their English classes and not to pay for an essay. One particular form of the essay is the 5 paragraph essay.

5 paragraph essay

This essay that consists of five paragraphs is noted for its simplistic structure. There is one introductory paragraph, three paragraphs that comprise the body, and one concluding paragraph. With this 5 paragraph essay outline, the essay itself is also called the hamburger essay, or the 1-3-1 essay. Furthermore, due to this structure, this type of essay can be compared to a story, whether a short one or something that can be considered a short novel due to its length. The introductory paragraph is the prologue or the opening. The body can be considered the climax, since the meat of the story or the essay is there. The concluding paragraph is the resolution or denouement.

This basic sandwiched structure of this type of essay can be easily written, followed, and understood. Therefore, children as young as those studying in the fifth grade are taught how to write a 5 paragraph essay and comprehend its contents fully with the guidance of their teachers. As the grades advance, longer and more complicated essays are being written and read – while students are taught to master the fine points of inculcating and integrating this basic structuring in mind.

One particular five paragraph essay example can talk about a particular type of scam. The introductory paragraph will briefly discuss the specific scam – in this case, a “romance scam” where the scammer will use text messages to make the other party fall in love with him or her and later convince him or her to fork over some money or personal account information. The body paragraphs will talk about the scam in detail – namely, the steps in this modus operandi as well as some tips in order for one to be not deceived by this vile trickery. The concluding paragraph will advice people not to be misled by scams similar to this.